OPERABOOK.ORG is a new site dedicated to all artists within the lyrical world: Singers, Directors, Conductors, Stage Designers, Repetiteurs, etc.

In the present theatrical scene, the major difficulty that challenges any young person at the start of their artistic career is getting himself known.

Perusing the current productions on stage, it is easy to observe that the names broadcast are the usual suspects we all know about; another reason to affirm that getting into this business is a grueling enterprise. One option is signing with an agency that may choose to represent the emerging artist. Yet, that is neither effortless nor immediate: reliable agencies are scant while theatre's needs are ceaseless and urgent. offers an essential service to those embarking on a lyrical career and also for those who have already launched themselves some time ago. We offer that much needed exposure to all of those working in today's operatic world.

A detailed report of your recent activity: concerts, recitals, operas, competitions, productions, tours will be available in real-time on your site. Likewise, every subscriber will have a profile page with photographs, CV, repertoire, contact details, two (2) audio or video links (YouTube, personal website or other) that will allow anyone connecting to our site access to your artistic information.

Furthermore, twice a year, the complete list of all subscribers will be sent electronically to all theatres and worldwide event organizers. In this way, your name and your artistic quality will be marketed and thus appreciated by all those people that will, hopefully in a nearby future, give you work.